What to Expect from a Security Audit and How to Prepare For It

Security audits have become increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. They can help protect your company from cyber threats, protect your data, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. But what exactly is a security audit, and how should you prepare for one? Read on to find out!
What is a Security Audit?
A security audit is an assessment of a system's security posture to identify vulnerabilities and risks in order to make recommendations for remediation.

The New Microsoft Exchange CryptoCurrency Hack

New cryptocurrency coins are created by solving complex mathematical problems, a process called “mining.” Those who mine cryptocurrency do so by building farms of extremely powerful computers designed specifically for these mining operations. Not only are the computers expensive, but so is the maintenance, networking and electrical power required to keep them running, sometimes making the effort unprofitable.

SharePoint Phishing Fools Microsoft

Do you use SharePoint in your organization? SharePoint is a Microsoft system that allows organizations to collaborate and share documents and information. Initially released in 2001, it has increased in popularity steadily since then, with a big jump in usage during 2020, when COVID-19 sent millions of workers home to work remotely.