Managed Security Services

Hackers love small business owners. Why?

It’s because many local businesses don’t have detection tools, which means that they fail to notice when their systems have been attacked and their data has been compromised. Where better to stage a security breach than a system that can’t tell when it is being attacked? You can’t afford to give hackers that kind of confidence. Digital Uppercut, the premier Managed Security Services provider in Los Angeles, can help.

Read on to discover how hackers threaten your business—and how our advanced technologies can keep your data safe!


Why Do I Need Managed Security Services?

Once attacked, a chain reaction of catastrophic issues can occur. Hackers can sell your customers’ records on lucrative darknet markets, your broken systems may cause weeks of costly downtime, and you risk paying exorbitant ransoms or compliance fines. If you own a small- or medium-sized business, you’re not just the perfect target for hackers—you’re also at a high risk for HIPAA (medical) and FINRA (financial) and GLBA (financial) violations.

At Digital Uppercut, our innovative strategy is to prevent the unknown. We not only use military-grade technology that blocks untraceable “Zero Day” attacks, but also integrate four advanced security tools that go above and beyond traditional reactive defenses:


This advanced security mechanism allows your system to open a file in a totally contained environment, preventing malicious hidden programs from attacking and compromising your system.

Application White Listing

Our military-grade technology ensures that only identified, trusted applications have access to your systems. Using an approved list of software applications, this security tool blocks shady foreign applications from breaching and stealing your private data.

Behavior-based Antivirus Protection/ Next Generation Endpoint Protection

An elite technology that identifies abnormal activity in order to predict, respond, and mitigate threats.

Hardened Backups

Our 24/7 monitoring system stores multiple backups locally and replicates them in the cloud.

Proactive security measures are the only way to keep your business safe. Let Digital Uppercut serve as your cyber bodyguard. We can help you decrease your vulnerability to hackers, maximize your data protection, and improve customer confidence in your system.


Your Managed Security Protection Includes:

Premier Managed Security Services In Los Angeles

Digital Uppercut’s cutting-edge Managed Security Protection services includes a range of benefits. Risk and policy assessments keep you informed of threats, while comprehensive penetration testing, firewall protection, and endpoint threat protection lock your information away safely. We can also provide sophisticated security training to help your staff keep their customers safe.

Here are just a few more of the benefits included in your Managed Security Protection package:

  • Web Security Protection
  • Intrusion Detection & Log Mgmt
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Security
  • Virtual Chief Security Officer
  • Malware Remediation
  • Patch Management
  • Security Audit Control
  • Breach Assessment

Digital Uppercut is proud to offer our customers the highest quality managed security services in Los Angeles. To learn more about our comprehensive range of security services, call us now at 818-913-1335 or contact us today!