IT Vendor Danger

How thoroughly did you investigate the vendors for your IT resources? You’ve more than likely reviewed them for what their product does:

Does the VOIP system make calling easier? Yes! You made sure it does before you bought it. 
Does the new software help you do you work 30% or 50% faster? Yes, You researched this thoroughly and even spoke with current users.

Should You Use A Password Manager?

Password managers are pieces of software that store and recall passwords so you don’t have to remember them yourself. They’ve been around a long time, and are becoming more common and popular than ever. But should you use a password manager?

It used to be that password managers were considered reckless toys for lazy people that made your passwords -- and therefore your company’s cyber security -- more vulnerable.

Simplify and Separate Your Network

These days, more and more businesses are doing more and more things on the internet. Phones, video surveillance cameras, and other devices have become almost as popular as the computers sitting on every employee’s desk. But if you have all of these devices all sharing the same internal network, you might be endangering your ability to conduct business, your online security and the physical security of your entire facility.

Should You Move To The Cloud?

Is your business growing? That’s great news! But often business growth comes with its own set of challenges. You might need bigger offices, new desks and…new technology. But if you think back to when you last bought servers for your business (and everything that went with it), you might remember that it was a very expensive investment.

Are You Prepared For Business Continuity

What would you do if you lost $145 million? File for bankruptcy is a likely answer. Here’s a better question: What would you do to prevent losing $145 million? The answer to that second question is apparently “nothing” for a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange called QuadrigaCX. They recently filed for bankruptcy because their company founder and CEO passed away while on a business trip, and he was the only person who had the encryption keys for $145 million in cryptocurrency that his exchange was holding for its clients.

Is IT Maintenance Worth the Cost?

"Is computer maintenance worth it? Can’t you just run over to Costco or call Dell every couple of years and get the latest/greatest new computer with all the newest bells and whistles?" I get this question now and then when I meet new people and tell them what I do for a living.

New Computer Best Practices: Avoiding Hidden Threats

What makes I.T. different than other parts of your business is that if you do it wrong, your business can be destroyed. The problem is that I.T. seems like something that many people can do on their own. Whether you just bought a new PC, or bring your home laptop to the office, or let a new employee bring in their own PC, it’s usually pretty easy to add a computer to your WiFi and get to work.

What does my mother have to do with your business?

Talking with my clients makes me think of my mother. Why? Well, my mother was a good cook. Actually, a GREAT cook! She made all sorts of wonderful foods when I was a child that I loved to eat. Among my favorites were beef stroganoff and pierogi (pastry filled with potatoes and meat). What I didn’t like, though, were the vegetables.