Client Testimonials

Answers from real people who know me and my business

Our business moves fast, so I like the fact that when I have a problem or question, I can easily get a knowledgeable IT Technician on the phone quickly without the fuss of a dragged out automated system. And not only do I get an answer, I get the right answer to my question and the right solution to my problem.

Cartridge Warehouse International

I sleep better at night

It used to be that every time I read the news about another company getting hacked, I got scared because our accounting practice has so much client personal financial information. That’s why when Digital Uppercut recommended a full security upgrade, including new workstations, patch management, stronger firewalls, software that’s so smart it actively defends against hacks, and a million-dollar ransomware guarantee I said Yes! I sleep better at night with Digital Uppercut protecting us.

Count on Us

Digital Uppercut are our Trusted Partners

Since 2009, Digital Uppercut has kept the systems at our digital marketing business running safely and securely. Whenever we have a problem or question, they either answer instantly or call us back within minutes, ready to help. To us, they are far more than an IT provider — they are our trusted partners.

CEO & Creative Strategist
Counterintuity, LLC

We don’t have to think about our I.T. anymore

Our business, which is the largest equestrian center in the Western USA, tracks and boards over 600 horses. Max and his staff have managed our servers, security, workstations and all our I.T. since 2004. During that time, we have gone through three full upgrades, installing new servers, workstations and software, with almost no downtime at all and never any data loss. Even during our big equestrian events, which happen three times a year and bring in thousands of riders and fans, our computers and network never miss a beat. And when we have a problem or question, Digital Uppercut is there in an instant to help. They are so good at what they do for us, and our business runs so smoothly, we don’t have to think about our I.T. anymore. Digital Uppercut is the right choice for our company.

LA Equestrian Center

They’re at my office in no time

With Digital Uppercut, the process is simple. I call them, and if I leave a message, they call me back within minutes. I explain the problem, and if they can’t fix it remotely, they’re at my office in no time. If your business depends on computers like ours does, I highly recommend Max and his team for any or all of your computer/Network issues.

Network Administrator
Fred R. Rippy, Inc

Our Tech Troubles Have Disappeared

My previous IT company was OK at fixing things after they broke, but understanding their techie talk was difficult. And every time our computers went down, it made it harder for us to serve our patients. We’re a busy 7-day a week optometrist office, and Digital Uppercut has never let us down. Not only do they explain everything in plain English, but they also prevent problems from happening in the first place because their systems are monitoring our network 24/7. Our tech problems have disappeared.

Practice Administrator
Greg Pearl O.D. & Associates

Friendly People, Great Service

We couldn’t run our business without all the great things that Digital Uppercut does for us. They help us protect our client files, run our practice management software, store client files, bill our clients, and keep our business running. What I like best about Digital Uppercut is that If we have an issue and call in for technical support, we get an answer right away. Their staff is always very friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Law Offices of Allweiss & McMurtry

Exceeded My Expectations

If Digital Uppercut serviced cars instead of computers, our oil changes would take 5 minutes and the car would never break down. And if I ever got into an accident, they’d have me back on the road in no time. From scheduled service to those times when we are in crisis mode, Digital Uppercut has been there to get us back up and running. I am continually impressed by the entire team, and every interaction with Digital Uppercut has exceeded my expectations.

Marrone, Robinson, Frederick & Foster

My Old IT Company Almost Lost All Our Data

I used to think that my server going down every few weeks was almost “normal.” Then our server crashed while our old IT guy was on vacation and I thought we lost all our data. Then I found Max and Digital Uppercut. What Digital Uppercut discovered was that we had no real protection against hacks or crashes, and no real backup either! Plus, they found that a bad server motherboard was causing the crashes. Max and his team fixed everything. We now have full data security, full backups locally and in the cloud, plus a new motherboard paid for by Dell! With Digital Uppercut, our computers are up and working 100% of the time.

Monarch Trading Company

We Saved Thousands of Dollars In The Cloud!

We can count on Digital Uppercut to suggest ways to make our company’s IT run better. They recently recommended we move our email to the cloud. Not only were we able to get rid of an expensive-to-maintain server, but now our cloud-based email is more reliable, faster, worry free and far less expensive to run. When it comes to IT support, Digital Uppercut offers and provides a proactive approach and a complete solution.

CCLS, Legal Assistant/Office Manager
Northrup Schlueter

Digital Uppercut Was Instrumental

We deal with government requirements and regulations almost on a daily basis. Digital Uppercut provided us design, hardware and software specifications and configurations for two standalone systems that allowed us to work on a highly sensitive government project with an extreme set of security requirements. Digital Uppercut was instrumental in creating a system that was acceptable to our government client.

VP of Project Development
Trans FX Inc.