Office 365 Phishing Kit Targets C-Level

Usually, announcements of new software are for legitimate software, like the new version of Microsoft Office. It would be crazy and brazen for cybercriminals to announce the publication of their hacking software, such as a new version of their Office 365 Phishing Kit, but that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Remote Worker Hacks Rising Amid Pandemic

As we predicted over 12 months ago, and as we’ve discussed several times in 2020, attacks that exploit the move to Work From Home/Remote Users are on the rise. The CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) recently issued a report about new and trending attacks that exploit the remote user environment.

What Does Ransomware Cost?

Data security company Sophos published a report called "The State Of Ransomware 2020" with the results of a 5,000-company survey of IT managers. If you only get through the Executive Summary, the information is stunning. It begins with the statistic that 51% of all companies have suffered a Ransomware attack.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

"The Cloud" is as mysterious to most people as brain surgery or rocket science...we know it exists, we know some people understand it, and we know that we aren’t those people. But just as we make assumptions about everything else we don’t fully understand, we make assumptions about cloud computing.

Set It And Forget It Cybersecurity?

We’re all concerned about protecting our business with strong Cybersecurity. If you already have your cybersecurity handled, what kind do you have? Is yours more of the “Set It And Forget It” variety or is your cybersecurity more fluid and active? If you haven’t talked with your cybersecurity team in over a month, or if you’ve installed some antivirus software on your computers last year, and in either case believe that you’re protected, then you’ve got "Set It And Forget It cybersecurity.

How Much Should Good Cybersecurity Cost?

How Much Should Good Cybersecurity Cost? Business owners and CEOs are very familiar with the financial ratios they use to run and monitor their businesses. Good Inventory turnover often varies between 2 and 10 depending on the type of business. A 2-to-1 “Current Ratio” of assets over liabilities can indicate a healthy business.