Business Protection Toolkit

Every day, hackers, trojans, and viruses are trying to get into your business network to either steal data, shut down your system or infect your networks...and if you’re not well-protected, it’s pretty easy for them to do. The Digital Uppercut Business Protection Toolkit is designed to give big Business Cybersecurity for Small Companies like yours.

Over 6 million records of company data are breached every day, forcing business downtime, to pay a data ransom, to face negative publicity or to shut down their business entirely

The Digital Uppercut Business Protection Toolkit is your first, second and third line of defense against this happening to you and your business. We have three tightly integrated Toolkits to help digitally protect your business: Protection Essentials, Detection and Compliance Essentials, and Identity Essentials.

Toolkit 1: Protection Essentials Tools

The goal of our Protection Essentials is to help block the attack before it gets in, and in the case of a breach, be able to identify what it is trying to do and then to prevent it from being done.

  • Patch Management -- We monitor and automatically install security updates from Microsoft and 60 other 3rd party vendors. This protects you from known threats and is required by all compliance standards, including HIPAA and FINRA.
  • Advanced Email Filtering - Most viruses arrive via email, and plain old Anti-Virus isn’t enough. This additional comprehensive layer of protection filters for dangerous URLs, wraps all URLs so their true destination can’t be seen and manually typed by users, checks the destination page with powerful Sandboxing tools, and even prevents spam. All together, that means that if there is a harmful link, it won’t get through. Required by all compliance standards, including HIPAA and FINRA.
  • Web Filtering -- Our security software on your computer will block web activity to known bad sites, helping to prevent you from accidentally loading malicious software from the web. This tool is also required by compliances standards. Required by all compliance standards, including HIPAA and FINRA.
  • Advance Endpoint Protection -- Our AEP system uses advanced Behavior-based and AV signature protection to identify and stop known and unknown threats in their tracks. Better than just Antivirus protection, the software identifies when new, previously unknown malware tries to behave maliciously. It not only blocks the software but alerts our Security Operations Center.
  • Security Operations Center -- Our SOC team of security experts monitors the results of all our Protection Essentials tools. They analyze AEP alerts and will react in case there is a need to escalate a detected threat. We will tweak false positives and analyze viruses that the system detects. Recently, while monitoring a client’s network, we detected that 3 of their customers had been hacked and were sending them MS Word documents with embedded, hidden attacks. Our SOC was able to detect that inbound malware, block the threat and alert the client.
  • Productivity Backups -- This system runs daily backups of over 50 different productivity software packages, including Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, and many more. Your backups are stored offsite and in the cloud so that if anything happens to your data, including natural disasters, it can be easily restored.

Toolkit 2: Detection and Compliance Tools

Big Business cybersecurity for small companies would not be complete or effective as possible without these detection and compliance tools. These tools are required by all compliance standards, including HIPAA and FINRA, and are good business practices for any kind of business.

  • SIEM -- We provided advanced protection and analysis by studying your network as a whole, not just a collection of individual machines. That means we can detect when someone else is logging onto your PCs remotely, or a user is logging into a computer other than the one they regularly use. We can detect when a USB Thumb drive is being plugged in, or an application is connecting to an external IP address. We do this via our SIEM platform, which collects all of the logs from your servers, firewalls, desktops and other components and stores them offsite. Then we analyze the logs in real time, looking for anything that might threaten your business. And when we find something, the SIEM will notify the SOC to analyze the issue for further protection. SIEM is a practice required by regulators in case of a breach.
  • File & Folder Encryption -- Beyond the ineffective full disk encryption that may have come with your computer, we will encrypt your data on a folder or file level on your individual PCs, your server and even within your cloud services (such as Dropbox and Google drive). Even if your system is breached and your files are stolen, they will be unusable and unreadable. In most cases, a breach leads to an automatic requirement to disclose the breach, but with our encryption and the security of your encryption keys, that may not be necessary. (Breach disclosures damage your reputation and can cost your hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars). And if, somehow, your data is ever breached, the fact that you have followed compliance Best Practices will continue to protect your business from severe penalties. This level of encryption is required by regulators and insurance in any organization that deals with sensitive data.
  • Awareness Training -- Your employees will go through Cyber Security Awareness Training so they can detect phishing attacks and other types of social and online attacks. This training is also required by regulators and cybersecurity insurance underwriters to reduce your risk. If you have trained your employees and one of them ignores the training and allows a hack, you can prove you trained your employees, avoiding related penalties.

Toolkit 3: Identity Monitoring

This service is designed to monitor the Dark Web (the hacker’s black market) and protects identity, credit, and social media accounts of individuals that work in a company.

  • Advanced Identity Monitoring -- We monitor the Dark Web for your identity and the identity of your staff members. We continually do High-risk Transaction monitoring, Account Activity monitoring, Financial Activity Monitoring, Social Media Monitoring, Lost Wallet Protection, and Solicitation Reduction. We provide Digital Exposure Reports, Credit Alerts, Access to Credit Reports, Data breach Notification, Credit assistance, and Credit lock. And, if your users data is breached, our system provides up to $1,000,000 in resources to help clean up their credit.

Get Big Business Cybersecurity for Your Small Company Today

If you don’t have all of these protection tools working for you now, then your business is more exposed than you can imagine. Cybercriminals are looking for businesses like yours every moment of every day, and their ransomware affects thousands of businesses every day, costing them tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in repair and remediation costs, not to mention the cost of the Ransomware itself. Give your business the Big Business Cybersecurity for Small Companies it deserves. Protect your business and protect yourself with the Digital Uppercut Business Protection Toolkit. Contact us online or call us at 818-913-1335.