The Digital Uppercut Guarantee

As proven leaders in the world of cybersecurity, compliance, and network protection, we know that our cutting-edge services will make a substantial impact on your business. That’s why we offer such comprehensive guarantees. It’s our way of showing you how confident we are in our systems and services. With Digital Uppercut on your team, you can leave your worries behind and focus on running your business. We’ll have your back 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Network Security Assessment Guarantee

We guarantee to target and integrate effective ways to address your security concerns. If we cannot find areas to improve, as well as offer practical and cost-effective solutions that will increase your security by at least 50 percent, then we will pay you $200 — no questions asked.

Ransomware Guarantee

If we’re unable to block or remediate a ransomware attack, we will reimburse your company up to $1,000 per endpoint, or $1 million in overall protection.

Virus Infection or Hacking Attack Guarantee

We offer a full money-back guarantee—covering one month’s service—if you suffer a virus infection or hacking attack.

HIPAA Compliance Guarantee

We guarantee that we’ll provide you with proactive, sophisticated tools to make compliance simpler. We offer $100,000 in financial protection for any breach-related HIPAA violation fines.