Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Companies and organizations need backup, disaster planning and recovery services today more than ever. But there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all, single solution that would work for every company, least of all, your company. Fortunately, Digital Uppercut designs and manages backup and recovery plans in Los Angeles based on the unique needs of each individual business or organization.

Disasters Come from Many Directions

Heavily fire-damaged office space.

The word “disaster” conjures up images of cataclysmic events wreaking havoc over large areas: like a hurricane or earthquake. But when we talk about disasters, we also include the more likely scenarios, such as:

A Disaster Planning Tale of Two Companies

You likely know this parable: the ant busily prepares the nest for winter while the grasshopper sits back, enjoying the fine weather and doing what grasshoppers do – it’s too busy to plan for bad weather. Then, winter hits and the grasshopper cannot survive.

Change a few words and you have a disaster recovery story where one company is so busy, they do not take time to create a disaster recovery plan while another organization, which is also very busy, gets help building a state-of-the-art disaster recovery plan. Here’s what happens when a disaster strikes our parable companies.

Result of a disaster without a plan

Without access to your equipment and data, your organization potentially…

  • Must send employees home because there is no place to work
  • Loses all the company data
  • Can no longer pay vendors
  • Can’t collect invoice payments
  • Can’t pay employees
  • Cannot serve your customers
  • May face penalties for non-compliance with data protection regulations
  • Has its reputation damaged

Result of a disaster with a plan

Here’s what the company with a plan does in a disaster situation:

  • Allows employees to work from home where they access cloud-based systems and data
  • Continues daily operations
  • Pays vendors
  • Collects payments
  • Pays employees
  • Serves customers without interruption
  • Continues to manage and maintain all data
  • Remains in compliance with all regulations
  • Maintains its reputation
Depiction of an employee remotely accessing company data and apps on the cloud

Disaster Planning and Recovery is More than a Backup

Simple backups work okay for individuals, but organizations need more…a backup and disaster recovery plan that protects all essential data and provides access to data and mission-critical software as soon after the incident as possible.

A well-designed recovery plan naturally includes backups. However, it also anticipates and provides for disasters both caused by people and nature. Recovery plans must address the following:

Abstract image representing the different parts of a complete backup and disaster recovery plan
3D graphic illustrating employee cybersecurity awareness training

Before Disaster Recovery, You Need Disaster Prevention

The causes of many natural disasters are outside your control, but you can do your best to protect against them. Our cybersecurity services can help protect against disasters that result from bad actors, one part of which is our cybersecurity awareness training, which can help to prevent your staff from innocently allowing or aiding a cyber attack.

What’s Missing From Most Disaster Recovery Plans?

We’ve reviewed existing plans written by competing IT companies that have backup systems and procedures for many possible events. But then we ask them one critical question that reveals that their disaster recovery planning is incomplete, “Have you tested it?”

The only way to ensure the recovery part will work is by testing. The last thing you want is to believe that you are protected, only to suffer a severe loss because your plan failed to work correctly. Part of our Backup, Disaster Planning and Recovery Services includes testing the backup plans that we create.

This triangle represents the continuous cycle of Test, Verify, and Update of Backup and Recovery plans.

Los Angeles Backup and Disaster Recovery Experts

Our backup and disaster recovery services in Los Angeles are designed to keep you up and running after a disaster, and are a core part of our overall suite of IT solutions.

Don’t risk the future of your business on hope and luck. Talk to us about our backup, disaster planning and recovery services today.
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