Vendor Management and Vendor Due Diligence

Make Headlines for Your Success…

…Not for a Data Breach caused by a Vendor

Connections with vendors create more access points to your company’s systems and data. Because of these additional access points, your cybersecurity solution must look beyond your organization’s cybersecurity practices, which is why cybersecurity vendor management and due diligence are essential to every company.

How Your Vendors Can Directly Affect Your Organization’s Cybersecurity

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Doing business today requires connecting with vendors and suppliers. While this is a necessary part of business, it’s also a risk when their security solution isn’t as good as yours. Here’s why:

Quality Cybersecurity practices will protect all of your outside connection points with firewalls, rules and policies, VPN connections, hardened systems, continual monitoring and more. Correctly done, an organization’s IT infrastructure can withstand a direct attack.

But if you then connect with a poorly protected vendor, suddenly your systems become vulnerable.

Our Vendor Management and Due Diligence services can help you avoid situations like this.

Cybersecurity Vendor Management Services

You wouldn’t give a stranger a house key without a background check, so don’t give a stranger access your business, either.

But many organizations give vendors or service providers access to their systems without realizing how weak the vendor’s cybersecurity practices are. As a result, when their systems get breached, the bad actors drive a trojan horse right into their otherwise highly secure network, causing an inside attack.

Our Vendor Management and Due Diligence Services have a simple goal – ensure every vendor connecting to your systems has cybersecurity systems, policies, and processes at least as strong as yours.

Our Vendor Management and  Due Diligence Services

Vendor management involves understanding which vendors have access to your systems, what they can access (data, applications, etc.), what data is exchanged between your organizations, and what other resources they can access.

We recommend starting with a Risk Assessment to establish your system’s baseline security.

Once we know the strengths and weaknesses of your cybersecurity and implement improvements, we learn about the cybersecurity practices of your vendors. Sometimes, a similar Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is required in order to reveal their strengths and weaknesses. With this information, we can make recommendations to mitigate any risk the connection poses to your data, assets, or resources.

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Why Due Diligence and Vendor Management are Both So Critical?

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Where vendor management focuses on the type of access a vendor has to your systems, due diligence examines vendor security policies, practices, and risk appetite, providing you with additional insight into the risk and allowing them to connect poses to your organization.
We deliver our Vendor Management and Due Diligence services by identifying the most important vendors to your organization. For example, your CPA needs access to critical accounting information, including bank information, vendors, customers, and human resources. Vendors like these can pose a high risk to your organization.

Combining the results of our due diligence and risk assessment efforts, we provide you with a realistic understanding of how much, if any, risk a vendor presents.

Benefits of Vendor Management and Due Diligence

The most important benefit of conducting vendor management and due diligence assessment is understanding your organization’s risks when they are allowed to access your systems and exchange data.

A carefully designed and executed cybersecurity vendor management and due diligence process provides numerous benefits, including:

The Cybersecurity Vendor Management and Due Diligence Experts

The Cybersecurity Vendor Management and Due Diligence Experts

Cybersecurity vendor management and due diligence are more crucial than ever as bad actors accelerate attacks against interconnected business and organizational networks. Don’t risk a breach or successful cyber-attack because of a vendor’s cybersecurity weakness.

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