Industries We Serve

Finding Cybersecurity and IT Support Services for your particular industry from a company that really understands your business can be challenging and frustrating. From accounting to attorneys to engineering firms and more, when you need help updating software, onboarding new employees, eliminating access for departing and former employees, maintaining industry and government compliance, or protecting your network and data from cyber attacks, we can help.

We will provide all of your IT support services so you don’t have to worry about them, provide military-grade security, and we’ll do it all while making all these complex and high-tech things we do for you as easy to understand as possible.

Specialized IT Support Services for Your Industry

Today, every business is also an e-business, with an online digital presence, cloud connections for apps and data, and corporate networks to connect employees seamlessly and reliably regardless of whether they work in the office, at home or remotely.

All this connectivity presents opportunities for hackers to attack, seeking to cause a variety of digital mischief and mayhem. To top it off, each industry has unique requirements.

That’s why at Digital Uppercut, our Los Angeles Cybersecurity and IT Support Services aren’t offered on a one-size-fits-all basis because that just doesn’t work for most companies. We take the time to understand the different requirements of each industry we serve and create solutions that meet their needs.

IT Support for Medical Practices

In our experience, medical practices have perhaps the most stringent compliance requirements outside national security operations regarding data security and privacy. Your daily operations are also heavily interconnected with other healthcare entities like hospitals, Medicare, and health insurance companies.

Communications with all these healthcare-related systems must be secure, and data must move back and forth without errors. The right IT support services provider can ensure your medical practice is HIPAA compliant, handles all the hardware and software issues for your front office and exam room computers, shields your operations from ransomware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks, and protects network-connected medical devices from attack and compromise.

In addition, they’ll be on call to provide daily support for EHR software like Epic, Cerner, and Allscripts. Large or small, your medical practice benefits from professional IT support for medical practices that Digital Uppercut can provide.

IT Support for Attorneys and Law Firms

We understand the critical importance of data/document security and client confidentiality for attorneys and law firms. With everything going digital and cloud connectivity becoming essential, any breach of your systems that exposes, damages, or deletes client and practice data would be devastating financially and to your reputation.

Also, law firms like yours need reliable and specialized IT support services for day-to-day technical needs, like configuring a new associate’s laptop and updating client management software like Clio, Lawmatics or LexisOne, or for longer-term needs like implementing a disaster recovery plan.

IT Support for Manufacturing Companies

You understand the growing importance of protecting data streams to and from the manufacturing floor and communications with your vendors, suppliers, and customers. Hackers intent on a bit of industrial espionage or operation disruption now have many more ways to attack, ranging from smart sensors to CNC controls to office networks.

With computers running specialty CAD/CAM applications and other process management programs, keeping these vital software packages patched and updated to the latest version is essential. It’s just as important to have IT support services for your hardware provided by a company that responds promptly and understands the unique IT support needs of manufacturing companies like Digital Uppercut

IT Support for Construction and Plumbing Companies

Our construction and plumbing clients need to provide digital security at remote, fixed job sites and for mobile crews. Securing data communications is a top concern, especially when transmitting change orders, ordering from suppliers, documenting code compliance, and more. And, if your business uses specialized software like Procore, PlanGrid, Autodesk BIM 360, ServiceTitan, or Housecall Pro, you benefit from help patching and updating them.

Mobile and job site computer hardware are exposed to harsh environments and require prompt repair or replacement, so job schedules and commitments are kept. Vendor/subcontractor communication and system access management are crucial to ensure these partners’ cybersecurity practices protect against phishing and other hacker tactics that could let hackers steal proprietary information or financial data.

In this demanding and diverse environment, cybersecurity and IT support services for construction and plumbing companies that they can rely on are essential, and it’s what we do at Digital Uppercut.

IT Support for Food Manufacturing Companies

Food manufacturers face data security challenges, protecting intellectual property, ingredient lists, proprietary recipes, customer data, and more. 

To meet stringent regulatory requirements from the FDA, USDA, and other agencies, food manufacturers rely on a wide range of software and cloud platforms for compliance and efficiency reasons.

Keeping systems that include supply chain management (SCM) apps like Oracle SCM and SAP SCM, quality control and compliance software required to satisfy regulations like HACCP, batch processing and recipe control, and traceability and recall apps demands constant attention atop normal IT support needs.

Digital Uppercut understands the unique and demanding requirements of reliable IT support for food manufacturing companies. We can deliver the support you need to keep your office systems and processing lines running smoothly.

IT Support for Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms

As an accounting or bookkeeping firm, you handle sensitive client data all day, every day. That makes data security and client confidentiality vital for building client trust and providing accurate, quality services.

Like every other industry, your software and data are moving to the cloud. And communications with clients are also now mostly digital. So, your business requires secure and stable internet and email services and a well-protected network to house everything.

Keeping standard office productivity apps and specialty applications like QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage patched and updated demands constant attention for accuracy and security. Digital Uppercut provides invaluable IT support for accounting and bookkeeping firms in all these areas, freeing you to focus on running the business and satisfying clients.

Graphic representation of data security measures

IT Support for Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies and brokerages like yours deal with huge amounts of personal, financial, and property data, making cybersecurity and reliable IT support services essential. Aside from providing routine hardware and software support, your IT services provider must also provide compliance support, ensuring your company meets all data privacy and security regulatory requirements.

Your operations are heavily interconnected with other companies like home repair contractors and auto repair providers. This fact makes third-party system security assessment vital, avoiding potential threats via their systems.

In addition to maintaining traditional office software and hardware, support for specialized platforms like Guidewire, Applied Epic, and Duck Creek keeps your operations running smoothly. Digital Uppercut’s premium IT support services for insurance companies will simplify your life and deliver the IT system your successful operations require.

IT Support for Non-Profit Organizations

We know non-profits operate in a particularly unique and open environment, collaborating widely with staff, donors, constituents, and other stakeholders via email and websites. That means your network, email system, and website must have security protection and support equal to any commercial operation.

Outsourcing IT support and cybersecurity services frees your staff to focus on the mission and ensure donor, financial, and other sensitive data and communications are secure.

IT support services also relieve staff of handling hardware and software issues on an ad hoc basis and can support dedicated non-profit platforms like Blackbaud, DonorPerfect, Salesforce for Nonprofits, and others. Letting Digital Uppercut handle the IT support for your non-profit organization will leave you more time to focus on your mission.

IT Support for Property Management Companies

We know property managers like you must keep tenant data (contact information, contract details, etc.) secure and confidential. In addition, financial transactions like rent payments, collection of maintenance and other fees, payments, and charges must be handled securely and protected from unauthorized access and tampering.

Since many property management services involve third-party contractors, assessing their IT security is crucial to limit attacks via poorly protected contractor systems.

You need a reliable and secure network, properly maintained and configured hardware, and regularly patched and updated software, standard office productivity tools and property management systems like AppFolio, Buildium, and Yardi. Your tenants rely on you for prompt and expert service. Let Digital Uppercut handle the IT support for property management companies like yours.

IT Support for Engineering Firms

Regardless of your discipline (electrical, mechanical, structural, civil), engineering firms like yours have specialized IT support requirements driven by the need to protect client, project, and intellectual property data.

They also require stable networks that securely support remote access, allowing your staff to access project data from job sites, client facilities, and when working remotely. And, your intense interaction with contractors installing your jobs demands you be able to verify their IT systems security so that hackers cannot breach your network through theirs.

Your business runs on high-end, powerful workstations running unique design programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MATLAB, or Revit, along with project management apps like Microsoft Project, which demand regular attention and highly skilled support. Digital Uppercut designs custom IT support services for engineering firms like yours tailored to your unique requirements, allowing you and your staff to bring your designs to life on time and within budget.

IT Support for Marketing Companies

We’ve witnessed the amazing revolution within marketing, moving at light speed to digital operations. Today, one-to-one marketing no longer lives in the realm of print-on-demand, mail-merged physical communications.

SaaS platforms like ContentStack, HubSpot, Google Analytics, eCommerce, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Mailchimp enable marketing companies to address customers as unique individuals. Your business depends on a secure network that enables staff and customers to interact safely and without interruption.

At Digital Uppercut, we understand how to manage IT support for marketing companies like yours so that you can turn on your full potential for meeting your customer and client needs.

IT Support for Moving Companies

Moving is an under-appreciated service. As a moving company, you must inventory, pack, move, and deliver the entire contents of homes or offices from one point to another without loss or damage.

You need to protect sensitive customer data such as contact information, inventory lists, inventory valuation, routes, and other details associated with the transaction.

The famous moving stickers to track inventory, used in past decades, still play a role, but electronic records are more valuable than ever, especially when verifying safe and complete delivery. Your operations thrive on stable, reliable hardware and software, operating on a secure network but on-site and on the road. You also need a means of managing financial transactions easily and securely.

This industry also benefits from specialty platforms like MoveitPro or SmartMoving, which are essential for scheduling moves, dispatching crews, and tracking the progress of each job. Keeping these running at their peak maximizes their contribution to efficient (and profitable) operations. With IT support for moving companies provided by Digital Uppercut at your side, we take over your IT needs and allow you to deliver concierge-level delivery experiences.

IT Support for Real Estate Companies

Few industries deal with as much high-value information and process equally valuable financial transactions as real estate. A real estate transaction requires the realty company, residential and commercial, to collect, store, and share the entire financial details of the parties involved.

A typical real estate transaction involves interactions with banks, title companies, insurance providers, property tax entities, and law firms, just to mention a few. Complying with data security and confidentiality requirements and completing significant financial transactions accurately and safely require a stable, heavily protected network encompassing the directly connected hardware and software and hardening and encrypting communications with remote systems.

Real estate companies benefit tremendously from online platforms and specialty software applications, making their support and maintenance essential. Common packages include online listing services, virtual tour platforms, and customer relationship management (CRM) apps like Salesforce and Zoho CRM. Digital Uppercut excels at providing IT support for real estate companies so you can focus on meeting the closing date.

IT Support for Software Developers

Some might think that IT support for software developers equates to cobblers buying shoes for their kids. We know that while software developers likely can handle their IT support, the better use of their time is writing and perfecting their code, uninterrupted by the need to update drivers, replace faulty hardware, patch someone else’s software, and many other IT tasks.

You need unfailing network security and communications with remote staff as a software developer.

Your code is your intellectual property and lifeblood, so you cannot afford an unauthorized breach that steals your code or inserts malicious content without your knowledge. You may also use online development environments (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, IntelliJ, or Visual Studio), cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud), and database (SQL-based like MS-SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL, or NoSQL like MongoDB) support, and project management tools like Jira.

What makes a software developer’s life easier? IT support for software developers like Digital Uppercut provides a stable and secure network with timely hardware and software support so you can keep coding.

IT Support for Staffing Companies

Staffing companies are enjoying a resurgence in demand as companies and organizations of all types scramble to find fractional and full-time contract employees.

Your company collects and stores large amounts of sensitive client, candidate, staff, leased employee, and temp worker data.

Ensuring that this data remains secure and confidential while accessible to authorized users who may access it in your offices, remotely, or via mobile devices is a top priority. Your business also relies on industry-specific software, including Application Tracking System platforms like JobAdder and Bullhorn, HRMS apps like BambooHR and Workday, and various payroll, CRM, compliance, and collaboration tools.

Your operations also demand a secure web presence where you post job listings and collect applicant information. Finding new clients and connecting them with the perfect candidates is what you do best. Providing “no surprises, no worries” IT support is what we do best. Let us show you what a difference professional IT support services for staffing companies can do for you.

IT Support Services for Your Industry

You’re a leader in your industry and strive to provide premium services to your clients. Digital Uppercut is a leader in IT support services for your industry. When you combine the two, your business thrives. Contact us or call 818-913-1335 and let’s talk.