About Us

Since 2004, our company’s name and reputation have become synonymous with state-of-the-art cybersecurity services in Los Angeles. Our elite team of experts has served as the outsourced IT department and undercover cyber-bodyguards for countless small- to medium-sized companies throughout Los Angeles and across the country.

From medical institutions and law firms to marketing agencies, nonprofits, and service companies, we provide IT and cybersecurity services to every kind of business to help them work more efficiently and stay ahead of the cybersecurity risks that threaten them every day.

Max Avrukin working with cybersecurity client at laptop in server room.
Max Avrukin, Digital Uppercut Founder

One of the Oldest IT and Cybersecurity Companies in Los Angeles

Why has our company outlasted so many other IT and Cybersecurity companies, both large and small? It’s because of our knowledge, experience, dedication and innovation.

Digital Uppercut’s founder, Max Avrukin, says, “We provide the same enterprise-level, military-grade security technology to small and medium-sized businesses like yours. Our extensive infrastructure and highly trained staff allow us to operate and maintain this cutting-edge technology for companies who just don’t have the budget for full-time IT staff.”

And Digital Uppercut does this, all while being friendly, helpful, and eager to serve our clients.

Industry-Leading IT Support and Cybersecurity

Our industry-leading cybersecurity solutions are anything but average. They protect against every cyber threat: known, unknown, and undiscovered. We understand the needs of our clients, and our team of seasoned IT professionals is committed to providing advanced cybersecurity protection, including compliance services and training, disaster prevention and recovery, risk assessments, and round-the-clock IT support.

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Our mission is simple: to decrease your vulnerability to hacks, maximize your data protection, and improve your confidence in your digital infrastructure.

With our team on board, you can access the latest technologies and rest easy knowing you have a team of experts on speed dial. Contact us to learn more!