Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services in Los Angeles

Cybersecurity is complicated and very technical. But don’t worry…Here at Digital Uppercut, even though we speak fluent “Techie”, our first language is “Human.” As fellow humans, here’s what you need to know about the best Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services in Los Angeles.

Why You Need a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment…

…Even if you don’t know what a Risk Assessment is.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments protect your company’s data, bank accounts, relationships, and reputation. We examine every digital system in your company and identify potential gaps that might let the bad guys in and steal it all. Risk Assessments are like getting a checkup at your doctor but for your business.

Got Vendors? They Can Be Problems, Too…

Vendor Management and Vendor Due Diligence are essential parts of a complete Cybersecurity Risk Assessment. Hackers target your vendors who have access to your IT resources to see if they have weaker security controls than you do. We will assess the security practices of each vendor to ensure their security measures do not expose your business to attacks through a vendor’s weaker system. Read more about our Vendor Management and Vendor Due Diligence services.

What Happens After a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

We use the information in your Risk Assessment to figure out how to plug those bad-guy-sized holes. It may include recommendations for upgraded hardware, more secure software, and almost always some changes in how you do things day to day. But don’t worry, we’ll make it easy to understand, and WE will do all the heavy lifting.

Risk Assessments and Cybersecurity Insurance

If you are applying for, or renewing your Cybersecurity insurance, the insurance company will give you a survey form with dozens to hundreds of questions whose answers you may not know.

Once again, WE will do the heavy lifting by filling out the Cybersecurity Insurance survey for you. But to get those answers, we need to run through our Risk Assessment process and probably fix a few things.

Don’t Have Cybersecurity Insurance? Then, You REALLY NEED a Risk Assessment

Insurance companies will not sell you cybersecurity insurance if they think your IT practices are not secure enough. So you’ve got a choice: If you do nothing about your cybersecurity issues, you will make it easy for hackers to break in, steal your data and do other damage, opening your business up to hundreds of thousands (if not millions of dollars) in costs, plus potential jail time, if data is stolen.

Or, you can conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment, implement the changes we recommend, protect your business, and qualify for cybersecurity insurance.

Why Choose Digital Uppercut to do Your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

There’s no company in the Los Angeles area that is better suited to do your Cybersecurity Risk Assessment than Digital Uppercut. We’re experts at finding the holes, vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and gaps in your current cybersecurity setup.

When we’re done with your Risk Assessment, you’ll have a report of what’s good, what needs improvement, and what we can do about it. It’s almost like a prescription from your doctor. Contact Digital Uppercut at 818-913-1335 or go here to request an appointment online. Go ahead. Call us. We’re nice. (We promise.)