Protecting Your Employees’ Identity (And Yours, Too)

Every day you are hearing the news about data breaches all over the world: Equifax, Target, Microsoft...and just recently, MGM recently revealed that the personal information of over 10.6 million of its guests were posted on a popular hacking site.

Was the data of any of your employees found on that site?

Protecting your company data is one thing.

What are GDPR and CCPA? Understanding Website Privacy Regulations

You may have heard the acronyms GDPR and CCPA recently and wondered what they were all about. Both are acronyms for data privacy rules that seek to control how you collect and control data on your website and within your company. If you’ve heard anything about the GDPR, you know that it’s a European Law, and based on that description you might have concluded that it doesn’t apply to your company.

Ransomware + Data Exfiltration Makes Any Breach Worse

As the history of cyber security unfolds, we’re seeing that the after-effects of any cyber security event gets worse over time. Now what we’re seeing is that the threat of Ransomware just got much worse with the advent of Data Exfiltration. In a typical ransomware breach, your data is locked up so that you can’t access it, grinding your business to a halt.

How Hacks Can Make You The Cybercrime Victim Twice

It’s our job here at Digital Uppercut to protect our clients from all kinds of hacks and breaches: trojans, viruses, ransomware, phishing, social engineering...all of it. And when we write about all the dangers that you, as a small business owner or manager face, we often talk about hacks and their immediate effects on you and your business.

Smart TV Security Becoming An Issue

If you have a Smart TV in your company conference room, break room, or spread throughout your offices as a perk for deserving employees, you may have allowed hacks, breaches, and privacy issues into your business. In December, the FBI’s Portland office issued a Smart TV warning that should concern everyone with a Smart TV. It seems that the features of these TVs which make them Smart also make them excellent portals for malware, which means you need to be concerned about Smart TV Security.

The Danger of Browser Extension Malware

Cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to get their malicious code onto your computers. Usually, malware gets onto your PC via executable files, javascript code, and VB scripts within MS Office Applications. But there is another method that most Antivirus and other security software just aren’t ready or able to identify and trap for you: Browser Extensions.

How Many Hackers Are Targeting You Right Now?

If you read about cyber security at all, you have seen articles that claim that you are being hacked today -- even right now. To demonstrate the point, companies like SonicWall and FireEye put up global cyber-attack threat maps, showing how many hacks are happening right now, where the hacks originate, and where the targets are.