The C-Suite Cybersecurity Risk

There are many perks and privileges that come with being in C-Suite -- the upper management levels of a corporation. Among the perks available in some companies are company cars, big expense accounts, and corner offices. But in almost every company, C-level executives also have the ability to make and set rules.

Why This Patient Ransomware Is Dangerous

Many varieties of ransomware begin doing damage as soon as they gain a foothold on the target network. They gain access often by Phishing techniques, credential stealing, or brute force attacks on internet-facing devices, and skillfully bypass or disable weak to moderate cybersecurity systems during installation.

Remote Worker Security Becomes Critical

A recent FBI announcement revealed that they expect that “telework software vulnerabilities” will be a major focus of cyber-criminals due to COVID-19 pandemic. (See the companion article in this issue.) With millions of business people now working from home in a hurry, each with potentially different devices, connections, firewalls and VPNs (or perhaps no firewalls or VPNs), now is the time to make sure your business is secure with remote worker security.

How Cyber Crime is Changing With COVID-19

Attempts at Cyber Crime are increasing all the time, and the Coronavirus pandemic has given cyber criminals new logic and reasoning that they are exploiting in order to gain access to networks, install ransomware, steal personally identifiable information, and empty company and personal bank accounts.

Getting Work Done Remotely

So we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic and your staff is now working remotely -- something you likely didn’t plan for and certainly were not ready for. Before you let your first worker connect to your office network from home, you probably installed new security measures to make sure they could work safely and securely.

How To Zoom Safely

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With so much of the business world almost instantly beginning to work from home due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the need to remotely collaborate with those we work with has become hugely important.

Protecting Your Employees’ Identity (And Yours, Too)

Every day you are hearing the news about data breaches all over the world: Equifax, Target, Microsoft...and just recently, MGM recently revealed that the personal information of over 10.6 million of its guests were posted on a popular hacking site.

Was the data of any of your employees found on that site?

Protecting your company data is one thing.

What are GDPR and CCPA? Understanding Website Privacy Regulations

You may have heard the acronyms GDPR and CCPA recently and wondered what they were all about. Both are acronyms for data privacy rules that seek to control how you collect and control data on your website and within your company. If you’ve heard anything about the GDPR, you know that it’s a European Law, and based on that description you might have concluded that it doesn’t apply to your company.