Medical Practice IT and Cybersecurity Services for Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates, home of the California Keratoconus Center, is an Optometrist office in Panorama City.

With dozens of high-tech optometric instruments that needed to be integrated, the Practice needed cybersecurity upgrades and HIPAA regulatory compliance solutions.

Dr. Leonard wanted to work with a company that understood the needs of medical practices like his. Today, the practice can grow without having to worry about its medical practice cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

How an Optometry Office was Able to Serve More Patients

Dr. Barry Leonard and Associates is the leading Optometry practice in Panorama City, Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Dr. Leonard invests in the most advanced eye care diagnostic technology, especially tech related to Keratoconus, to provide the best care for the practice’s patients. As he added these new instruments, he recognized that he needed an IT and Cybersecurity company specializing in medical offices to build a much better IT infrastructure, to support them on a daily basis, and to reinforce their cybersecurity, all with the goal of helping them to continue growing and serving more patients.

The Challenge:

Dr. Leonard wanted to become more competitive in the marketplace, grow his general Optometry practice, grow the California Keratoconus Center, boost employee productivity, and increase the number of patients his office could serve. As a result, this fast-growing Optometry office was looking to rebuild its entire network to make it faster, more reliable, HIPAA compliant, more secure, and to eliminate potential cybersecurity threats.

The practice also needed to integrate advanced new eye care technology into his office. Each new high-tech instrument, used to measure a different aspect of a patient’s eyes, had to be securely connected to the office network so that when any of the staff or Optometrist was examining a patient, all the information was instantly available. In short, the practice needed medical practice cybersecurity services with a regulatory compliance component.

The Solution:

To meet the demands of this high-tech optometrist, we constructed a solution tailored to their needs using our Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance, and IT Support Services. Using these as our base, we provided the following services, support, and capabilities:

  • HIPAA Compliance, Security Software Integration, and Proactive Monitoring: A full-scope implementation of the leading diagnostic technologies, the latest medical equipment, and leading-edge office automation tools. A customized system was designed from the ground up with advanced security protection to ensure HIPAA compliance.
  • HIPAA Compliance Automation Portal: Provided online security training that simplified regulatory tasks and saved thousands of dollars in manual labor.
  • On-Premise and Cloud-Based Servers: Connected the practice’s high-tech new diagnostic technology to the office’s on-premise and cloud-based servers. Doctors and technicians have access to all patient data from any exam room in the office, including the ability to share photos of a patient’s retinas, corneas, lenses, scans, and other measurements.
  • Remote Access: Special, highly secure remote access was configured to allow Dr. Leonard to review patient charts from alternative secure locations with the same degree of freedom as on-site.
  • Customized Security and Compliance Training: Provided employee education on cyber-awareness and data protection, trained staff on the newest software, and helped them understand and prevent security breaches.
  • Developed Subnetworks: We created subnetworks within the office for the subsystems not associated with patient care, such as telephone systems and video security.
  • Upgraded WiFi Security: We locked down the office wireless network to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Rapid IT Support: The practice now enjoys 24/7 system monitoring, periodic risk assessments, and testing of all disaster recovery services.

What Our Client Says About Digital Uppercut

Dr. Leonard’ said the following about the results and the experience of working with Digital Uppercut:

“Digital Uppercut’s state-of-the-art security, compliance services, and IT support pays for itself daily. Our office was growing so fast that we didn’t have time to keep up with the changes in technology.

Over the last 17 years, Max and his team have held our hand and guided us through new software integrations and compliance training and have been at our door in less than 30 minutes in an emergency.”

Not only do we have the best and most up-to-date software, but also the newest and most powerful optometric technology in our office. We can provide our patients with first-rate care AND are significantly more efficient. These changes have resulted in an increase in the number of patients we serve, year over year.

We have an edge over the competition because we have leading-edge backup systems in place, saved thousands by not having lengthy downtimes, and have had zero hacking issues.

I sleep better at night knowing we have Max and his team of experts on speed dial.”

5 Star Review — Dr. Barry Leonard, Founder, California Keratoconus Center, Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates

Digital Uppercut Delivers the Best Optometrist-Focused Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Services

When you need to match your state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment with the finest optometrist-focused cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services, call us at 818-913-1335. A real human speaking without jargon will listen to your needs and get the ball rolling.

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