Law Firm Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Services for Berkes Crane Santana & Spangler LLP

BCS&S LLP is a nationally recognized law firm practicing in Los Angeles.

BCS&S needed state-of-the-art cybersecurity, the best regulatory compliance service, and staff training to protect their digital information, including client data and business operations.

BCS&S LLP was referred to us by another Digital Uppercut client and is now protected by the most robust law firm cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services available.

How a Top Law Firm Upgraded Its Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Capabilities

Recognized nationally as distinguished trial and appellate counsel, Berkes Crane Santana & Spangler LLP (BCS&S) was founded in 2001. Now women-owned and women-led, the practice recognized it needed robust law firm cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services to protect its digital assets, including client information and operational data.


The digitization of work processes places significant demands on companies for greater cybersecurity and regulatory compliance, especially for law firms. The highly sensitive nature of the data and information BCS&S handled made the firm realize it needed to enhance its IT infrastructure’s security and compliance capabilities significantly. Referred by another satisfied client, we delivered a tailored solution of law firm cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services.


To meet the demands of this law firm, we constructed a solution tailored to their needs using our Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance, and IT Support Services. Building on these as our base, we provided the following services, support, and capabilities:

  • On-site Technology Evaluation: An evaluation of the law firm’s current IT infrastructure and software/hardware usage to provide optimal cybersecurity and regulatory compliance tools.
  • Customized Cybersecurity, Regulatory Compliance, and IT Support Package: Integration of advanced protection tools for Zero Day exploits and attacks, device control, user education, system monitoring, and patch management. This package solved all the demands of the new industry requirements while allowing for infrastructure flexibility and freedom for company growth.
  • Customized Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Training: Employee education covering cyber-awareness and data protection, staff training on the newest software, and helping everyone in the practice understand and prevent security breaches.
  • Rapid IT Support: Provision of 24/7 monitoring of the system, periodic risk assessments, and disaster recovery.

What Our Client Says About Digital Uppercut:

“For over 15 years, our law firm has had only ONE security, compliance, and IT expert: Maksim Avrukim. Proactive and at the top of his game, we know that when challenges or issues arise, we are in the best hands. The few times BCS&S servers have been down, Max and his team were able to have our system up and running in an hour. They detected the issue, isolated it, and had the firm back to full recovery in no time at all.

Max is very knowledgeable and not only is interested in where you are today technology-wise but where you want to be tomorrow. He has repeatedly shown his dedication in making sure our firm has saved money, invested in products that last longer, and helped us stay ten steps ahead of the technology curve.”

5 Star Review – Verna Luckey, Director of Firm Services, Berkes Crane Santana & Spangler LLP

Digital Uppercut Delivers the Best Law Firm Cybersecurity and Regulatory Compliance Services

Protecting your client’s highly sensitive personal information and case data demands the best law firm cybersecurity and regulatory compliance services. Don’t trust your needs to a company without experience serving legal practices. Call Digital Uppercut at 818-913-1335. An actual human who understands the unique needs of law firms will listen to your needs and get the ball rolling.

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