The New Era of Cyber Security

New Era of Cyber Security
New Era of Cyber Security
Cyber crimes are evolving into a “new era” and becoming more sophisticated. So how do you protect yourself from it all? With tools designed for this new era of cyber security by Digital Uppercut.

Protecting your computer networks and your data is getting more and more difficult. Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated, and the attacks that they create are more creative than ever. If they can’t install a trojan-infected file on your computer, they create a file-less attack. If the hack that’s worked for the last few weeks on millions of computers finally starts getting caught by anti-virus software, they develop zero-day attacks that no cyber-security software has ever seen.

So how do you protect yourself from this new era of advanced and rapidly-evolving cyber attacks? The answer is that you have to move your business into a new era of cyber security.

This past year, we’ve published over a dozen articles on cyber security, including new kinds of attacks, hacks, and exploits that have caused companies to pay extreme fines, make restitution to their customers whose data was breached, and even forced some companies to go out of business. In addition to file-less and zero-day attacks, we talked about phishing, vishing and smishing, why full-disk data encryption isn’t enough, why employee monitoring is smart for your business, and how some crooks can hack right into your stolen computer with cold boot attacks.

And now we’re discovering that the “Mac Safety Myth” (that Macs are safer because they can’t get viruses) is entirely false.

The point of this quick review is this: companies that want to continue to protect themselves must do so much more vigorously and effectively than ever before. Because these new threats are more creative than ever, your cyber security needs to be more creative, too.

Why Old Fashioned Cyber Security Isn’t Enough

Digital Uppercut has developed some new methods for helping you protect your computers, servers, networks and data. The best way to understand what we’ve done is to use the analogy of a security system for your physical office.

The old way to secure your office is to put a lock on the front door. But you know as well as we do that locking the front door only prevents some people from getting in. You need an alarm in case someone gets in who shouldn’t, and not just on the front door, but all the windows, too. Plus you need glass-break sensors, motion sensors, locks and key cards for the more sensitive parts of your business. And still you need to be prepared in case someone gets in, including audio and video surveillance, records of everyone who accesses your security system, electronic locks and access controls. And then you need off-site video storage and access monitoring in case someone gets through all the rest. An actual person — a security expert — needs to watch over it all.

Similarly, your cyber security strategy can’t only depend on a store-bought antivirus program. It’s as incomplete and unreliable of a security system as a cheap lock on the front door of your office. What businesses like yours need these days is a complete toolkit of solutions to protect you in every way from every conceivable kind of attack.

The Business Protection Toolkit

Digital Uppercut has developed a security toolkit for your business that is more comprehensive than the most advanced physical security system. Our Business Protection Toolkit includes tools designed to prevent and track threats, protect your data, monitor it all with live experts in a security operations center, and more. The toolkit has three sets of tools.

The first level of protection are the Protection Essentials Tools, which includes more protection that most other systems’ “advanced” offerings. The goal of the Protection Essentials Tools is to help block the attack before it gets in, and in the case of a breach, be able to identify and prevent harm. It includes Advanced Endpoint protection, Patch Management, Web Filtering, and Advanced Email Filtering. And we also provide live monitoring of your system by our team of actual live security experts in our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Companies that require an even higher level of security and compliance also add our Detection and Compliance Tools. They include our Encryption Tools which encrypt individual files and folders, including those you store on the cloud. It also includes our SIEM platform, which collects all of the logs from your servers, firewalls, desktops and stores them off-site for analysis by our SOC. If our security experts recognize a threat pattern with any chance of success, they leap into action to protect you from that attack. Then we reinforce all our tools with Cyber Security Awareness training for your staff to help them recognize and prevent threats and attacks as well.

Our Identity Monitoring tools constantly scan the dark web for your company’s users, ensuring that a breach (whether at work or at home) hasn’t made their personal data available to cyber criminals for sale.

Too Much Security?

Some people might say that this is just too much security for a typical small business like yours. But it’s our opinion that those people always think that almost any security is too much security…until it turns out to be not enough security…and they are actually breached.

This Business Protection Toolkit was designed to prevent that situation. It is security at a level that is compatible with the requirements of standards like HIPAA and FINRA. If you’re required to follow those standards, these tools will be a valuable part of your compliance solution. And if you are not covered by these compliance standards, you can be confident that you are doing all you can to protect your computers, your data, and your business.

If your cyber security is as old fashioned as a cheap lock on your front door, it’s time to rethink your security, At Digital Uppercut, we’re your business’ Cyber Bodyguard. To learn more about the Business Protection Toolkit, or to have it installed for your small or medium sized business, contact us or call us today.