Protecting Your Employees’ Identity (And Yours, Too)

Employee Identity Protection
Employee Identity Protection
Imagine the trauma experienced by your employees if all their identities were stolen. What would it do to them? What would it do to your company? Employee Identity Protection could help save your company.

Every day you are hearing the news about data breaches all over the world: Equifax, Target, Microsoft…and just recently, MGM recently revealed that the personal information of over 10.6 million of its guests were posted on a popular hacking site.

Was the data of any of your employees found on that site?

Protecting your company data is one thing. Protecting yourself and your employees is something altogether different. If your private information is leaked online, your credit could be destroyed, your bank accounts emptied, your home could be sold (or stolen) out from under you, and much more. And the same goes for your employees.

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The Risks of Identity Theft

Identity theft can be one of the most traumatic experiences in someone’s life because it strikes at the core of who someone is in today’s modern society. Not only does it affect a person’s credit, it affects that person’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Among the financial effects of identity and credit theft are:

  • New accounts being opened in your name
  • Debt being accumulated in your name
  • Legitimate loan and credit applications denied because of over-extension
  • Your home’s title may be stolen out from under you
  • Social Security Benefits drawn in your name
  • Tax Refunds based on fraudulent tax returns processed in your name

And those are just the financial consequences. In addition, there are many emotional and physical consequences as well, starting with time and effort:

  • You’ll spend tens or hundreds of hours trying to restore your credit
  • You’ll spend tens or hundreds of hours closing the fraudulent accounts, if it’s even possible due to the balances that you now owe
  • You may spend thousands of dollars on attorneys fees and credit repair fees
  • You may have to get new ID cards and documentation, including drivers licenses and passports
  • You may need to work with the Social Security administration to restore your stolen benefits
  • You may need to work with the IRS to resolve fraudulent tax refund issues

All of this steals time from your job, your family, your free time and your friends. And that all leads to increased stress, anxiety, aggravation, sleepless nights, and worse issues, all of which can (and will) affect your health.

The horrors of Identity Theft simply do not go away quickly or easily. They linger for years.

How Identity Protection Can Help

Of course, if you could prevent the identity theft in the first place, or had a system in place that will do all the hard work for you in case your identity is stolen, you’d be far better off.

Digital Uppercut has a new Identity and Credit Protection service which will watch your employees’ credit 24/7 and warn of any attempts to steal it. They can even freeze their credit with just one phone call. But if someone is ever successful at stealing their identity, our service will work on their behalf to restore your credit, backed by a $1 million Identity Theft insurance policy.

Our service features:

  • 24/7 Credit Monitoring
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Stolen Funds Reimbursement
  • Advanced Identity Monitoring
  • Los Wallet Protection
  • Digital Exposure Reports
  • One-Call Credit Report Freeze
  • 24/7 in-house Privacy Advocates

Plus, it comes with that One Million Dollar Identity Theft Insurance Policy in case their identity is ever stolen. And, you can protect not only your employees’ credit, but they can protect their spouse, children and even deceased relatives.

And, unlike any kind of similar service, your employees can even sign up if they have a pre-existing identity theft issue.

Why Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Should Be A Company Benefit

In this competitive economy, finding and hiring great employees is hard enough. Keeping your employees can be even harder. Offering this unique benefit to your employees shows them how much you care about them and their families.

Plus, if an employee’s identity is ever stolen, rather than losing their productivity while they try to fix their own credit, you can help to keep them happy and on the job, knowing that their credit is being restored for them.

And, you can add our Advanced Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection Service to your existing Digital Uppercut Cyber Security service, or buy it as a stand-alone service.

Find Out More

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