Beware of Fake Wifi Hotspots

Do you travel? Almost everyone does at some point or another, whether for business or pleasure. And you are probably very conscious of the threats of having your pocket picked or your luggage stolen while you travel. Well, you should also be aware that there are cyber criminals who are looking to steal from you as well, and the consequences could be far, far worse than a missing wallet.

Spying On Your Employees?

So your business is running well, you like and trust your staff, they are getting their work done, and the computers and network are mostly running fine. Then you come across an article or talk to an IT expert who says you should start spying on your employees.

Why the FBI Cares about me and my home router?

I’m a law abiding citizen, I pay my taxes and don’t rob banks. So why is the FBI trying to tell me what to do? Why do they care about me? Oddly enough, it turns out they do care about me...and you...when it comes to our home computer networks. Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong.

What’s after Phishing? Vishing and Smishing!

Two kinds of “phishing” you may not know about make things worse for all of us: Vishing and Smishing. And unless you know what to look for, you just might get caught. Phishing is when hackers, viruses, and trojans send you emails that pretend to be your bank or other (usually financial) services company.

Viruses, Trojans and Hackers: The “Not Me” Factor

Doctors have patients who never get a flu shot. They don’t think they’ll get sick because they say they’re careful. “Not Me!”, they say...and then they get sick. Parents tell their teenage children to not text while driving. But they often don’t listen, and tell their friends “Not Me!” insisting that they’ll be careful.

What’s worse than getting hacked?

Doctors have a lot of deal with these days, especially with all the new changes in health insurance and advances in modern medicine. Getting hacked has got to be a horrible experience for doctors, too, because not only does someone else have a copy of your data, the "bad guys" may be holding your data hostage (and charging you thousands of dollars to get it back). Or they might simply have deleted it from your network entirely (including your backups).

So what could be worse than that?

The short answer is that the law has no problem with kicking a company when it’s down, and so as your office might be struggling to figure out how badly you were hacked, to restore the lost data, and to get back to “business as usual,” the Department of Health and Human Services just might come along and fine you a million dollars or more.

Tech Travel Dangers

While traveling to third-world countries, you often hear travel warnings and advisories about local violence, contaminated water, food poisoning, smugglers, civil wars and dangers. But you don’t really have to travel that far to put yourself at risk.

Is Your Cell Phone Infected with Mobile Malware?

Mobile Malware Is Your Cell Phone Infected with Mobile Malware? Are your computer systems locked down and free of viruses, trojans and other malicious software? That’s great news…but what about your cell phones and tablets? Mobile malware on Android devices is on the rise, and it usually happens by doing one seemingly innocent thing.