Beware This Legacy Security Hole

One of the most common ways for hackers to attack any individual or company is through email. And once a hacker gains access to your email, they can often gain access to many other parts of your business. So locking down your email with appropriate modern security measures is a very easy and powerful step in preventing an initial breach.

ASUS Computer MegaHack

Most hacks affect one computer at a time, and the hackers are thrilled with each new success. But imagine a hack that was so clever that it infected almost a million computers all at once. That is what happened to owners of ASUS desktop computers and laptops in a hack that was discovered a full 6 months after it began, which allowed many more computers to be violated.

The Death of the Mac Malware Myth

Do you have Mac computers in your office? A lot of companies use them because there’s been a myth for a long time that Macs were more secure than PCs. “There’s no malware for Macs,” the old saying goes. And while that used to be true, it’s far less true these days.

The New Era of Cyber Security

Protecting your computer networks and your data is getting more and more difficult. Cyber criminals are getting more sophisticated, and the attacks that they create are more creative than ever. If they can’t install a trojan-infected file on your computer, they create a file-less attack.

Why Full Disk Encryption Isn’t Enough

Many of our clients tell us that they believe their data is secure because they have “full disk encryption” -- typically the BitLocker that comes with Windows 10 -- enabled on their computers. But it’s very important for you to know what full disk encryption is, what threats it can protect you from, and what threats it is defenseless against.

Fileless and Zero-Day Attacks

Many computer users think that if they have a good Anti-Virus program running on their computer, that their computers will be safe from hacks and threats. IT security professionals have long known that is not the case, but now two newer types of attacks are proving it more often than ever.

Cold Boot Attack Unlocks Sensitive Data

We’re taught to believe that strong passwords, encryption, firewalls and other digital security measures will help keep your computers safe from hackers. Now comes a threat that reminds us that not all dangers are digital in nature. Sometimes, nothing short of locking up your computers will help to prevent them from being hacked using the "cold boot attack.