Manufacturing and Marketing Company Cybersecurity Services for General Wax

General Wax is a candle manufacturing and sales company in North Hollywood.

They needed cybersecurity services for their Linux computing environment, risk assessments, and cyber awareness training.

General Wax interviewed several companies but selected Digital Uppercut because we were the only company willing to find, evaluate, and use cybersecurity tools that work with their Linux-based network.

General Wax & Candle Company has been making and selling quality candles since 1949 and prides itself on creating great quality candles at competitive prices. While they are experts at everything wax, including formulating and manufacturing the wax they use, they recognize the advantage of working with outside companies for services that are not part of their core competency. That includes finding a trusted manufacturing, sales and marketing cybersecurity services supplier, a company like Digital Uppercut.

Why General Wax Chose Digital Uppercut

The General Wax IT operation supports 60 employees, 40 workstations, 10 on-premise servers, and the associated peripheral equipment like printers. The company has an IT department with one person who reports to the president and head of manufacturing. This IT professional recognized they needed to ramp up their cybersecurity and began interviewing companies in the Los Angeles area who provide those services.

While researching possible providers, the company quickly discovered that every company they interviewed except for Digital Uppercut insisted on using Microsoft security products, which was an issue because General Wax is a Linux shop. The IT Manager was delighted with the willingness of Digital Uppercut to investigate, evaluate, implement, and maintain Linux-friendly cybersecurity products. Because of this flexibility, demonstrable expertise, and cooperative approach, he hired Digital Uppercut.

Building a Complete Set of Manufacturing and Marketing Company Cybersecurity Services

We worked with the IT Manager, Ken Harker, to develop a customized package of managed cybersecurity services that support his Linux machines. We provide General Wax with the following services:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training in support of their PII Protect initiative.
  • Email security.
  • 24/7 monitoring of cybersecurity protections.
  • Annual risk assessments
  • Build a sandboxing environment for emails.
  • Manage the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

Additionally, we’ve provided ad hoc support, including:

  • Backup IT support on a break/fix basis.
  • Set up virtual machines for the company’s power backup software.
  • Provide advice and support for remote office capability and PCI compliance.
  • Assist with setting up VLANs and the firewall/VPNs for the new retail location in Northern California.

What Does General Wax Have to Say About Us?

General Wax is delighted with the way Digital Uppercut came in, listened to their needs, put in the effort to find the best marketing company cybersecurity services, implemented everything flawlessly, and monitored the systems around the clock, allowing the IT Manager to go off the clock when the workday is done.

Here’s what the General Wax IT Manager Ken Harker has to say about working with Digital Uppercut:

“We’re really glad we found Digital Uppercut. They have become our cybersecurity and IT advisors, who monitor system performance, perform risk assessments and make recommendations for improvements. The company is responsive, cost-conscious (always vetting cost-effective solutions), inquisitive, thoughtful, professional, and friendly. We trust Digital Uppercut and know that they will stop and notify us the minute they notice anything unusual on our network, which is a tremendous value on its own.” 

5 Star Review – Ken Harker – IT Manager, General Wax.

Trust Your Manufacturing and Marketing Company Cybersecurity Services to the Pros

If you want to enjoy the same experience as General Wax for your marketing company’s cybersecurity services, we’re a phone call away at 818-913-1335 or online through our contact form. Let us show you how, together, we can protect your organization against cyber threats.

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