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What Does Ransomware Cost?

What does Ransomware cost? Well, it depends on a lot of factors...and paying the ransom DOUBLES the cost of the attack. Find out what the real costs are, and what it takes to help avoid an attack. Data security company Sophos published a report called "The State Of Ransomware 2020" with the results of a 5,000-company survey of IT managers.

Why This Patient Ransomware Is Dangerous

Most ransomware enters your network and does its damage quickly. Patient ransomware waits until the worst possible time for you and your organization, and then strikes. Here’s how to protect yourself.

How To Prevent A Ransomware Attack With These 7 Tips

Ransomware does more damage every day than the day before. Find out how to protect yourself with these 7 tips to prevent a ransomware attack. You may have noticed a lot of articles about Ransomware filling this space over the last several months.

FBI Says Ransomware Threat Getting Worse Fast

When the FBI says the Ransomware threat is getting worse fast, you would be wise to believe them. We’ll describe the threat and show you how to protect yourself now. In the wake of some very high profile ransomware attacks on state and local governments, healthcare companies, transportation companies, and even IT companies, the FBI recently issued a public service announcement about the growing ransomware threat.

A Ransomware Horror Story, And How To Prevent Your Own

This Ransomware Horror story doesn’t have a happy ending, but your own story can with these tips for preventing hacks and breaches, and a tip from Microsoft. Managed Server Providers (MSPs) provide IT and security services on a subscription model.

Cybersecurity Undone By Insider Threats

If you’ve got great cybersecurity, but don’t have the trust and full faith of your staff and vendors, your cybersecurity may get undone by insider threats. What does a dishonest FBI employee have to do with your company’s cybersecurity? More than you think.

Cybersecurity Insurance Costs Are Increasing

Cybersecurity Insurance Costs are Increasing in 2021, and it’s becoming harder to get, too. Find out why, and what you can do about it. The likelihood of your business suffering a cybersecurity attack increases daily. Cyber criminals are getting smarter, innovating faster, and attacking more viciously.

The New Microsoft Exchange CryptoCurrency Hack

Is your Microsoft Exchange Server up to date? If not, the Prometai Malware hack might infect your network, steal your resources, and potentially bring down your business. New cryptocurrency coins are created by solving complex mathematical problems, a process called “mining.

SharePoint Phishing Fools Microsoft

SharePoint Phishing may be coming to your business soon, infecting your company with malware or stealing information and resources. Here’s what you need to know. Do you use SharePoint in your organization? SharePoint is a Microsoft system that allows organizations to collaborate and share documents and information.