Your Business Needs 24/7 IT Support

Laptop with a 24/7 key representing around-the-clock IT support

There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it, your business needs 24/7 IT support. Not many businesses today can operate for long when their IT systems go down from a cyber attack, network outage, equipment malfunction, or some other mishap. Relying on a single individual to provide round-the-clock support is a recipe for disaster because individual people quit, take vacations, get sick, or are simply busy with other tasks. You need professionals like those at Digital Uppercut.

Weekend Fishing Fiasco

Let’s discuss a hypothetical but all too common situation where a small business relies on a single individual, who we’ll call Mike, for their IT support needs. Mike faces the daunting task of keeping the company IT systems up and running, fixing printer issues, patching software, replacing broken hardware, and handling anything remotely IT-oriented. And Mike is on-call for 24/7 IT support.

As you’d expect, burnout for employees like Mike is a real danger. Mike soldiered on and finally decided it was time to escape for a weekend of fishing. So off he went one fine Friday afternoon, looking forward to getting away from technology. However, while he was away, a hacker gained access to the company’s systems via a successful phishing attack and began stealing data. Because Mike was away and no one was regularly monitoring things, the breach went unnoticed for most of the weekend. Mike, and the company, were in for a rude awakening Monday morning.

Your Business Needs 24/7 IT Support

A breach and loss of sensitive data can be catastrophic financially and for a business’s reputation. Failure of a key piece of hardware or software can interrupt normal business operations, angering customers and losing sales. Reliance on one individual for IT support significantly increases the negative impacts of a breach or equipment failure.

Every small and medium-sized company can benefit from hiring proven professionals to provide state-of-the-art IT support. What should you expect from a provider of these crucial services? When a company asks Digital Uppercut this question, here’s the list of capabilities we tell them to look for:

  • 24/7 IT support for hardware, software, and connectivity issues.
  • Continuous monitoring of system health and unusual activity.
  • Rapid response to issues and requests, especially emergencies.
  • People who listen and explain without jargon.

“I Can’t Afford Professional IT Support”

When we hear a company say they cannot afford professional IT support during the day, much less 24/7, we say you cannot afford NOT  to have this support. The good news is that these services can be less expensive than you expect. Digital Uppercut differs from its competitors in several ways, but one of the most important is that we design services based on your needs rather than using a one-size-fits-all solution. We find that controls costs by eliminating the bells and whistles your specific situation doesn’t need.

Your Business Needs 24/7 IT Support, and We Can Help

Not only does your business need 24/7 IT support, it deserves it. And so do your employees, customers, and clients. Why not give us a call at 818-913-1335 or contact us through our online form today? We’ll get together and show you how affordable round-the-clock, state-of-the-art IT support can be.