Why Choose Us?

Here are cool facts about Digital Uppercut:

  1. 10 Minute Response Time, Guaranteed
    Whether you are calling about an IT, Security or Compliance issue, we will respond to all high priority requests within 10 minutes. Guaranteed.
  2. Available 24/7 Support
    We offer 24/7 support to those clients whose businesses require it. But our client’s almost never ask for it because our regular IT and security programs virtually eliminate after-hour emergencies.
  3. One Million Dollar Ransomware Guarf10 Minute Response Time, Guaranteedantee
    Our advanced security work is so strong, We back it with a One Million Dollar Ransomware Guarantee.
  4. All Our Compliance is Secure Compliance
    Most compliance regulations simply set the standards and outline penalties, but they don’t protect you or your business from actual breaches or data loss. That’s why all our HIPAA, FINRA and PCI compliance work goes above and beyond what the regulations require. Our compliance experts design the strategy, and our IT and Security experts lock it all down.
  5. Two-Way Protection For Your Network
    Most IT and Security companies for small and medium sized businesses only recommend Antivirus or “Behavior based” protection. That’s protection based on denying inbound threats coming from email, dangerous websites and hackers. Digital Uppercut doesn’t stop there. We also offer a more advanced level of protection called Application Whitelisting, protecting you from outbound threats that originate at your keyboard, disk or network. Our Two-Way Protection makes a breach or attack virtually impossible.
  6. Free Cyber-Threat Awareness Training To All Our Security Clients
    An educated and aware staff enhances any security protections we install. That’s why we offer Free Cyber-Threat awareness training to all our security clients.
  7. Free Dark Web Monitoring Protection To All Our Security Clients
    The “Dark Web” is the global marketplace for data stolen from businesses large and small. When a company’s data is breached, that’s where it will show up. That’s why we offer Free Dark Web monitoring protection to all our security clients.
  8. Military Strength Protection For Your Company
    We employ security technology developed for military clients, developed by military contractors, or built using the most secure technology available. Our Military Strength Protection keeps businesses like yours safe.
  9. We Hack Our Own Clients...Or At Least We Try To
    Every client’s configuration is different, which is why we don’t simply rely on how things should work, we prove that it does work. We have our own team of certified white-hat hackers and virus engineers conduct penetration testing on our security clients. In other words, we hack our own clients...or at least we try to. That’s what makes our security better.

Over the past decade, the Digital Uppercut name has become synonymous with state-of-the-art security services in Los Angeles. Our elite team of experts has served as undercover cyber bodyguards for countless small- to medium-sized companies across the city, state and country. From medical institutions and law firms to marketing agencies, nonprofits, and service companies, we help every kind of business stay ahead of the cybersecurity curve.

Cutting-Edge Security Services in Los Angeles

Why has our company outlasted so many in this ever-changing and volatile industry? It’s because of our dedication and innovation. We provide the same military-grade security technology used by large, highly-regulated enterprise companies to small businesses. Our extensive infrastructure and highly trained staff allows us to operate and maintain this cutting-edge technology.

Our industry-leading cyber security solutions are anything but average. They protect against every kind of threat: known, unknown, and undiscovered. We understand the needs of our clients, and our team of seasoned IT professionals is committed to providing advanced cyber security protection, compliance services and training, and round-the-clock IT support.

This is why

Our mission is simple: to decrease our customers’ vulnerability to hacks, maximize their data protection, and improve confidence in their systems. At Digital Uppercut, we are always looking to bring the best solutions to our customers. With our team on board, you can not only have access to the latest technologies, but can rest easy knowing that you have a team of experts on speed dial. Contact our team to learn more!