Client Testimonials

It used to be that every time I read the news about another company getting hacked, I got scared because our accounting practice has so much client personal financial information. That’s why when Digital Uppercut recommended a full security upgrade, including new workstations, patch management, stronger firewalls, software that’s so smart it actively defends against hacks, and a million-dollar ransomware guarantee I said Yes! I sleep better at night with Digital Uppercut protecting us.

Count on Us

Working with my old IT company, I felt like my business was walking a tightrope every day. Our server used to go down every couple of weeks, our backups failed often, and we kept getting spam and viruses. When my server finally crashed and our old I.T. guy was on vacation, we thought we lost all our data forever. That’s when I found Max and Digital Uppercut. We now have full data security, full backups locally and in the cloud, plus a new motherboard paid for by Dell! My business I.T. is now on solid ground with Digital Uppercut.

Monarch Trading Company

Our marketing company relies on PCs for our business work and Macs for creative, so making sure all our computers work together on our network is critical for us. Max and his team plan our I.T., monitor everything, make recommendations, and fix things before they break. Over the last 12 years, we’ve gone through two complete technology upgrades with Digital Uppercut, and our company could not have grown without them. Local users, remote users, Windows PCs and Macs all work perfectly together because of Digital Uppercut. Thanks, Max!

DRS & Associates

Our I.T. is really tricky because our environmental testing computers need to integrate with some very expensive and precise industrial diagnostic equipment. Most other I.T. companies ran away when they saw what we had to do. Thankfully, Digital Uppercut took on the challenge. They designed and built a better infrastructure, installed a new “learning” firewall, and set up reliable backups onsite and offsite. They were able to add hardware redundancy and at the same time consolidate our servers from 12 down to 8. Now, our I.T. Costs are lower and our reliability is higher thanks to Max and Digital Uppercut.

American Analytics

Our church runs the 1,000-seat Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena where we hold large services and public events. Plus, we’ve got three other locations for our staff and clergy and other people who travel internationally. All our locations had their own separate networks and technology so there was no way to share data, collaborate or even talk reliably on the old phone system. Plus, our crowded public wifi at the auditorium brought down our live stream of our events!

It was a mess and if we were going to grow, we had to get this fixed!

Max Avrukin and his staff integrated all our locations and remote users into a single network, allowed us to share resources, worked with our VOIP vendor to set up a new phone system, built strong security with a new firewall, moved our email to the cloud and fixed the WiFi! We can finally run as a single, unified organization, and I can’t imagine where we would be had we not found Digital Uppercut.

Harvest Rock Church

Our business, which is the largest equestrian center in the Western USA, tracks and boards over 800 horses. Max and his staff have managed our servers, security, workstations and all our I.T. since 2004. During that time, we have gone through three full upgrades, installing new servers, workstations and software, with almost no downtime at all and never any data loss. Even during our big equestrian events, which happen three times a year and bring in thousands of riders and fans, our computers and network never miss a beat. And when we have a problem or question, Digital Uppercut is there in an instant to help. They are so good at what they do for us, and our business runs so smoothly, we don’t have to think about our I.T. any more. Digital Uppercut is the right choice for our company.

First Street Village - Behunin Family - Behunin Construction

“In the past ten years, Digital Uppercut and their techs have been there for all our needs, from installing a full new network to answering questions such as, ‘Where do these wires that I disconnected from my internet go?’ They take care of all our tech needs quickly and efficiently, and as a business that is open seven days a week, they have never let us down. They take care of both of our locations’ network maintenance on a monthly basis. This has decreased any major tech issues entirely; they are able to catch any problems remotely before they become an issue (which in the past has created downtime for our business, as well as tech cost).

What makes Digital Uppercut truly unique is their ability to help you understand in layman’s terms what the problem is. In the past, my interactions with techs have been difficult because it seems like they are speaking another language. I really appreciate the time that their techs take to walk you through anything that you have to address yourself without making you feel like you are completely lost. They also always provide very prompt service. I have never waited more than 10 minutes for them to call me back when I am in need. They truly live up to their name. Thanks to Digital Uppercut, our doctors and staff have gone though two computer/server upgrades with little to no interruption in our very busy small office. They are able to conform to our needs while providing exceptional and professional service.”

Practice Administrator
Greg Pearl O.D. & Associates

“Digital Uppercut was recommended to my firm by one of their clients. They were happy with their services, and now I know why. Max, Steve, and Omar are always very helpful, friendly, and fix our issues FAST. I was most pleased with their efficiency in setting up our new office when we separated from our prior law firm to form our own firm. It was a painless and seamless switchover, thanks to Digital Uppercut! There are many other things that I like about their services: fast response time, their extensive knowledge, and (unlike other tech support companies I’ve dealt with), these guys won’t try to sell you hardware or services you don’t need.”

Law Firm Administrator
Haines Law Group

“We highly recommend Digital Uppercut. Since 2011, we have had a great longstanding relationship with Max and his team. When they proposed their services to us, we were impressed with their professionalism and decided it was a good time to make a change.

They’ve been there to assist in any necessary changes, from updating dating our server (to have it expand with our growing company) to monthly reports (on how our system is running and tracking any issues) to all types of inquiries to better our company’s needs.”

Executive Assistant
Pre-Planning Solutions

“Digital Uppercut has been our IT service provider for over 10 years. They provide excellent IT service; they are professional, responsive, trustworthy, and very knowledgeable, regardless of the situation. Not only do their technicians do an excellent job with ongoing IT maintenance and support, they have always been great about suggesting ways to improve our structure and system security and backup. By moving our email to the cloud, we saved thousands of dollars, and more importantly, became more compatible by providing a more reliable cloud system that does not depend on city power. When it comes to IT support, Digital Uppercut offers and provides a proactive approach and a complete solution.”

CCLS, Legal Assistant/Office Manager, Northrup Schlueter

“Digital Uppercut understands the complexities, details, and uniqueness of our business IT structure. There has not been one change, addition, or customization with our systems that they could not figure out and make work technically and smoothly. I love that I can get friendly, knowledgeable, and prompt service from people who know me and my employees personally. Other companies’ techs come and go. We have been with Digital Uppercut for over five years, and all the techs we know and love are still there — this says a lot about the company. Thank you!”

“Before working with Digital Uppercut, we had gone through several IT companies that just didn’t provide us with the security, service, or confidence in their abilities that are a must have in our industry. Digital Uppercut has met or exceeded all of these requirements. We deal with government requirements and regulations almost on a daily basis, and when questions came up as to our IT security systems, Digital Uppercut was instrumental in wading through all the specifications, requirements, hardware and software, generating a comprehensive list of data reflecting our current status, as well as suggestions for improvement to meet some of their more stringent requirements.

Most recently, they provided two standalone systems’ design, hardware and software specifications and overall configuration, allowing us to work on a highly sensitive government project, with an extreme set of security requirements, along with constructing a very economical and reliable resolution to very specific data backup requirements. All in all, we have been very happy with our choice to hire Digital Uppercut as our IT provider.”

VP of Project Development
Trans FX Inc.

“We have been partnered with Digital Uppercut in protecting and running our IT infrastructure for over 14 years. We have been approached by many other providers, but have never switched for the following reasons:

  • Economical Solutions: They create a collaborative environment for finding the best economical solution based on your current situation. Good planning has saved us from poor equipment decisions. I would estimate these savings to be $3,000 to $5,000 per year.
  • Top-Notch Security: They take a proactive approach to protection of your network, data, and infrastructure. One such product for us has been a phishing training email campaign to educate our network users about phishing scams. Before adding this service, we had one laptop user download a ransomware virus which cost us in excess of $1,000 to correct. I believe this new service has saved us over $10,000 in ransom fees these past two years.
  • Proactive data backup and redundancy: Over the past 14 years, we have never been without service due to a hardware failure. They have made sure we have our systems functioning at all times. This alone has saved us tens of thousands of dollars of lost revenue.
  • Remote Connection: Top-notch services techs remotely connect and correct most situations. In most instances, our support calls are handled within 10 minutes of them being recorded.
  • Vendor Support: They coordinate with outside software vendors to implement new programs as requested. They will also review needed specs before purchase to ensure the need functionality will be obtained.

We highly recommend Digital Uppercut’s IT services, and know that they have saved us over tens of thousands of dollars in lost production, hardware planning, network continuity, and redundancy. We know that their approach to IT will save you money and lost time. We continue to partner with them and hope you will as well.”

Operations H.L. MOE Plumbing

“Good IT is like finding a good mechanic for your car. You typically need assistance when you don’t have the time to deal with it. The Digital Uppercut team is always ready, willing, and able to troubleshoot and jump in and assist.

From scheduled service to those times when we are in crisis mode, they have been there to get us back up on our feet. I really appreciate Max’s ability to look at the big picture and at the same time break down the items or upgrades that are the most pressing.

I am continually impressed by the entire Digital Uppercut team. Every aspect of the business I have worked with has exceeded my expectations.”

Marrone, Robinson, Frederick & Foster

Since 2009, Digital Uppercut has kept our systems running safely and securely. They’re always on top of everything we need, with incredibly fast turnaround and utterly reliable service. To us, they are far more an IT provider — they are our trusted partners.”

CEO & Creative Strategist
Counterintuity, LLC

“Digital Uppercut is one of a kind and exactly what we were looking for! Max and his staff were meticulous during our HIPAA security audit. We now have a regulatory framework that ensures our company is compliant, and in doing so prevents thousands in potential fines. Digital Uppercut has become our go-to cybersecurity resource and we highly recommend them for all your security needs.”


“From the day we hired Digital Uppercut, we have had full confidence in your company’s capability. You have responded quickly and intelligently to any of our needs or request. You have stayed focused and made sure that our system was running correctly and was protected. On top of that, you have kept up with all the latest advancements in the IT and tech world to make sure that our system was more than adequate to handle our computing needs. My staff has high praise for your expert staff that is there when we need them. All and all, your company was the right choice for our company.”

Del Rey Properties - LAEC -Triple R - Del Rey Management

“Max and his IT specialists installed our network server a few years ago and they did a great job. They determined the correct server for us and integrated everything seamlessly all in one day! Now Digital Uppercut supports our PCs and server, and I’ve referred them to several clients who are very happy. Fast service, very competitive pricing, and they stand behind all they do. Highly recommend this five-star company!”

S&W Communications

“We should have called Digital Uppercut sooner. Their team took a thorough inventory of our current network and made suggestions on how to bring it up to peak operation and security. Now… our network is faster, more reliable and has made our company more efficient and productive! We love having a team of experts that are readily available both on and off site. Thank you Digital Uppercut.”

Barry Burnett Realty, Inc.